Community Midwives provides home birth services, pregnancy care, water birth, maternity services, prenatal visits, postpartum care, labor and delivery in Portland Metro and outlying areas including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Sandy, and Southwestern WashingtonAvailability to Women

We limit our practice to a maximum of 3 births per month, believing that this provides families the attention they deserve during this extraordinary time.  The midwives are available for questions and support during pregnancy, between appointments, in early labor, at the birth and afterward for several weeks of the postpartum period.

Prenatal Care

Appointments are scheduled for one hour, plenty of time to check in with you and your baby.  Some of that time is spent clinically, checking vital signs and important pregnancy mileposts as well as checking in with your baby’s growth, position and listening to the heart beat.  We also spend a good portion of that time exploring your experience of pregnancy including sleep, nutrition, stressors, if any, exercise and plans for the birth.  We feel that time well-spent together helps you to feel more comfortable once we come to you in labor, and does not inhibit your process or progress – and helps us to know how best to respond to your needs in the moment.  For our client’s convenience, all appointments are in the comfort of your own home, and we provide in-home lab services, as well.

homebirth baby Portland oregon midwife and midwivesLabor & Birth

Depending on your need, one or both midwives will come to the home when labor has begun to check on the well-being of both mother and baby as well as provide labor support. You will always have that support when you want it. As labor progresses, both midwives will be in attendance. We believe that two styles and perspectives, two sets of skilled hands and the different viewpoints gained from varied backgrounds offer the highest standard of care.  As state-licensed midwives, we are trained in the use of, and can legally carry: anti-hemorraghic medications, oxygen and resuscitation supplies for both mom and baby, IV fluids and antibiotics for GBS prophylaxis, suturing equipment and numbing agents for perineal repair for the mother.

Postpartum Care

After you’ve labored to bring you baby into the world, you sit back and relax while we tidy up, bring you nourishing food, answer any questions you may have, all while monitoring you and baby. Your midwives will perform a pediatric check on your baby, help to initiate breastfeeding, and helping you to feel ready to be alone…….but just for a night.  We return at 24 hours after the birth, then at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6-8 weeks (and of course, in between if needed) – all in the comfort of your own home!

Optimal Fetal Positioning -“OFP”

We have had great success with this simple, often easy-to-achieve technique which gently aligns the baby in such a way that birth can be shorter and labor more comfortable for both the mother and baby. The incidence of posterior labor and consequent back labor is decreased when OFP is achieved.

Home waterbirth Portland Oregon midwife and midwivesBirth Tubs

We have two types of birth tubs: a heat-maintaining tub ideal for first births, the AquaDoula, and our inflatable La Bassine tub which is ideal for women who’ve had a previous baby. See our waterbirth page for more information.


We offer flexible approaches to financing birth care, and will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your needs, including a sliding scale based fee. Payments by debit/credit card (Square) and Paypal are accepted.  We can also offer insurance billing for a small fee. We are not Medicaid providers, therefore if you are on Oregon Health Plan, we offer a greater discounted birth fee. Call us to set up a free consultation to learn more! 503.307.5412